The Attic

This short film was completed as part of the Southampton 48 hour film challenge, although it ended up taking considerably longer than that to complete!  All principle filming was completed in one day.  The story opens with a man eating a meal of what appears to be a large piece of lamb. However, the man, and the house in which he lives, harbours a dark secret; a secret that leads ultimately to the disturbing climax to the film. But what exactly is the secret, and how is the resolution to the events in the film to be interpreted? Are things just what they seem?  You, as the viewer, can decide!



Songline follows the surreal night-time journey of Layla, searching desperately for her family who she feels abandoned her. She soon encounters a mysterious stranger who invites her to sit with him. However, when it seems that he does not want her to continue her search she attempts to leave, only to fall unconscious to the ground. Awakening, the stranger is gone. Following the sound of her crying mother, she again meets the stranger who reluctantly agrees to help her. When she finally meets her family, a terrible truth is revealed which means her life can never again be the same.

This is our latest project, and editing of the final film is under way, and due for completion by the end of October 2015.


Plight is a short film made by Rebound Productions and directed by Lucy Bonnett.  Julian Eyre from Dice Roll Films was the Director of Photography for this film, which was shot using the Canon 5D MkII.  The film was premièred on the 29th March 2015.

Loop (Director’s Cut)

This is our film produced as part of the 2014 Southampton Film Week 48 hour film challenge.

The length of the film was limited to 4 minutes for the competition, but this Director’s Cut is marginally longer. The concept for the film was deliberately novel, in order to produce a non-linear film. There is only one actress, but two roles, whereby the actress converses with her opposite ‘other’ throughout the film. In the first half she plays the role of a scared, hesitant character; in the second half she plays the role of the arrogant, confident character. In a novel twist, in each half of the film, only the dialogue of the ‘active’ character can be heard – the responses of the other character can only be heard in the other half of the film, at a different time, but in the same location. The flow of time, and the order of events is deliberately confusing. The ending of the film is also the start, hence the name of the film – ‘LOOP’. The video is designed to be watched in ‘loop mode’, whereby the video starts again immediately, once it reaches the end.


This was our first short film production, completed as part of the Lights Film School directing assignment. The requirement was to film a simple task, with a variety of shots. I ended up turning it into a little mini-story. Any meaning derived from it is up to the viewer!