As well as producing its own high quality films, Dice Roll Films also offers the following services.


We are very interested in working with other individuals and organisations in the media industry, in any genre of film making.  We can offer our skills in scriptwriting, directing, cinematography and editing to suit a wide range of collaborative projects.  We can provide our own, expanding range of cinematographic equipment including a dedicated JVC GY-HM100 ProHD Camcorder and a Canon 5D MkII DSLR.

Video production

We would be very pleased to offer our services in video production for a range of events, both large or small, including weddings, parties, festivals and exhibitions.  Our prices are competitive, charged by the half-day, and would include pre-production planning meetings to determine the exact requirements for the video, minimally intrusive filming on the day, and professional editing of the recorded video.

Show reel production

If you are an aspiring actor, then a professionally recorded show reel is a must.  Many casting directors require examples of your work, and if you are relatively new, then examples of your acting on-screen may be very limited, particularly if your work has been stage-based.  Other audition listings require a recorded example of a script provided by the casting director.  The more professionally that this is recorded, the better the chance of landing that all-important audition.  We can record your show reel for you, according to your requirements, whether monologue or dialogue.  If necessary, we can arrange for an acting partner for dialogue recordings.

 Training and education

We understand that it is not easy for those interested in film making, particularly the younger student, to access training of a high standard.  Of course, those seriously interested can commit to a degree course offered at a number of universities, such as the Arts University Bournemouth.  Others would just like to learn the fundamentals of the craft.  For this reason, we are able to supply our services to schools in our area, in the form of an after-school extra-curricular activity.  By running a film-making club, the costs to each individual student is minimised, as the tuition is group-based, much like any other extra-curricular activity.  The club would follow a thorough syllabus covering all the main elements of film-making, including script writing, directing, cinematography, editing and sound production.  All students would have the chance to work collaboratively to produce a short film of their own.  Dice Roll Films is fortunate to have a fully qualified teacher, CRB checked, with many years experience teaching in the secondary sector, as its director, and is therefore very well placed to offer this service to schools and colleges.

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