Dice Roll Films announces new collaboration!

Dice Roll Films is excited and proud to announce a new collaboration with stills photographer Shontelle Whiston.

IMG_0119Shontelle specialises in portrait and people photography, and is seeking to expand her portfolio. To this end, she is currently offering, for a limited period of time, free photo-shoots to interested female models.  Shooting Locations: Wilts/Dorset/Hants & London, UK.

If any models are interested in this wonderful opportunity to add to their own modelling portfolio, then they can make contact either through our contact page or visit www.shontellewhiston.com .  She only asks that any interested model include at least one headshot with their application, or provide a link to on online profile, such as at Starnow, that includes at least one headshot.

She has already worked with Dice Roll Films in producing a number of stills at various shoot locations, as well as working with local models to produce a range of high quality photoshoot images.

Samples of her work can be seen on our dedicated Photography page.  Please ‘Like’ if you like what you see!