“I-Psy” short film on YouTube

A while ago, I mentioned that I had been part of a student short film production at the Arts University of Bournemouth, and that editing was in progress.  Well, editing was completed by the team of film makers and the result can now be found on YouTube below:

As you will notice, I was the scriptwriter for this short film, as well as playing the good doctor.  It was great to work with a talented and keen group of film makers, and thanks go to Jemima “Mima B” Bartholemew, for uploading the result onto YouTube.  Please check out her other work, and enjoy the film!

A New Year… A New Move… A New Film (soon)…

Well, the New Year is now here and Dice Roll Films is now based in a new location.  The old place was Gothic, and so is the new place, but bigger.  Plenty of inspirational atmosphere, and space for a small studio too!  It has been a busy time, but filming has continued.  Filming took place in November at the Arts University of Bournemouth (AUB) on a short group-based film based upon a script entitled “I-Psy”, written by Dice Roll Films writer/director Julian Eyre, who also played the role of a doctor in the film.  Due to the move which took place immediately after filming, editing has only just began on the film footage, but the end result promises to be a compelling and rather eerie little film.  As a taster, a couple of screen shots from the film are shown below.  More recently, Julian has also been working as the Director of Photography on a Winchester University student film production, shot on location in beautiful wooded Forestry Commission ground near Winchester.  This film is now in post-production with the end result expected sometime in March 2015.  Screenshots and film excerpts will be published as soon as they become available.

Is this a doctor with good bedside manner??
Seek the light… Go to the light…