“The Attic” now online!

As promised a couple of days ago, our latest film “The Attic”, is now online.  This short film was completed as part of the Southampton 48 hour film challenge, although it ended up taking considerably longer than that to complete!  All principle filming was completed in one day.  The story opens with a man eating a meal of what appears to be a large piece of lamb. However, the man, and the house in which he lives, harbours a dark secret; a secret that leads ultimately to the disturbing climax to the film. But what exactly is the secret, and how is the resolution to the events in the film to be interpreted? Are things just what they seem?  You, as the viewer, can decide!

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Note that the embedded video will default to Standard Definition playback.  Just click on the HD button to view in all its glory!


Viruses, Filmses and Road Tripses

Well, it has been a mighty long time it seems since I have posted an addition to the Dice Roll Films News Page!  It is not that there has been no news, it is just that it seems that I have never found the time, which is a feeble excuse I know!

Anyway, here we are, updating anyone who wishes to be updated on exactly where we are, and where we are hoping to go.  Firstly, since the last news update, which was announcing the fact that we were sponsoring the Cinematography award at the 48 Hour Film Challenge at Southampton Film Week, we took a well earned break and went on a European road trip through France and Italy.  The intention was to produce a travelogue along the way, but the holiday just seemed to get in the way!  It is not that we didn’t film anything, just that we didn’t get round to editing and uploading it.  In fact, we did film a promotional video at one of the locations that we stayed in in Tuscany, which we have called The Italian Job, simply because we were driving around in a Mini, so what else could it be called?!  That is yet to be edited and uploaded, so watch this space – it could result in a wonderful holiday in Tuscany for someone!!  To whet the appetite, here are a few screenshots from that video…

On return from the three-week trip, after the inevitable anti-climax of returning home, it was down to work… or so we planned.  Unfortunately, a nasty viral illness struck, and any further editing of our main film of the year – Songline – was put on hold for two weeks.  Upon recovery, it was time to prepare, as much as one can, for the Southampton 48 Hour Film Challenge.  Initial ideas were bandied about, and locations considered.  At the launch meeting, a list of six film items were provided from which teams had to select three for their film.  We chose Costume, Prop and Line of Dialogue, with Waistcoat, Teddy Bear and “If you call that freedom”, respectively, as the specific items that had to be included.

Friday evening was spent coming up with a film idea, and a script put together.  Filming was set for the Saturday, when our wonderful young actress, Elena Bateman, who worked with us on Songline, joined us for the day.  The title was “The Attic”, and as may be probably guessed, it was set mainly in an… attic!  We had thought that the single location and relatively small amount of dialogue in the script would make for an easy film.  We were wrong!  Setting up lighting and cameras, and moving around in a constricted space was difficult to say the least, and everyone was exhausted by the end of the day.

After a limited amount of sleep, we aimed to film a couple of final shots early Sunday morning, with the edit planned for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, the complexity of the edit meant that it was to prove impossible to put together an acceptable film to submit in time for the deadline.  Nevertheless, we decided that after all our hard work, we would continue to edit and produce as polished a piece of film that was possible.  Fortunately, the competition organisers were very understanding and permitted us to screen our finished film at the screening that took place two weeks after the 48 hour competition, although of course the film was not eligible for any awards, not least because it overran the competition four minute film limit by three minutes!

“The Attic” will be uploaded shortly (so you will have to hold your breath a little longer I’m afraid), but for now, here are a collection of stills from the film.  As before, my thanks go out to all those who helped make the film: Elena Bateman, who played her role wonderfully as always; Milos Kovalevsky, who provided and operated all the sound equipment to perfection, as well as providing additional lighting equipment; Sharon Bateman (Elena’s very supportive mum!), who helped out with various tasks such as assisting with the lighting; and last but not least, Shontelle Whiston who assisted with production, lighting, camera work, as well as been a great support in this film making venture!