Songline trailer released!!

Here, at long last, is the release of the official trailer for our forthcoming short film “Songline” (although it seems to get longer every time I look at editing it!)  It certainly seems that putting together a trailer is more difficult than editing the film itself.  There is no script to work from, the plot cannot be spoiled, but the audience has to be captivated and enticed all the same.  All in a trailer no longer than a minute and a half or so (this one is 1 minute 45 seconds long).  Not easy!

Anyway, we are pleased with the result, and we hope that every one who sees it will be enthralled enough to actually want to see the final film.  Now the trailer is completed, we are aiming to complete editing of the film itself within the next two months.  At least for this we have a script to work from!  Please note that the trailer is in HD, but the link below will default to standard definition (SD).  Just click on the HD tab to enjoy the trailer in all its glory!

Sky on fire!

We are currently in post-production for our film “Songline”, with our first task being the production of a trailer for the film.  This should be completed within the next few days.  In some ways, the editing of a trailer is more difficult than the editing of the film itself, as there is no script to work from!  We have also been out on location filming cutaway shots of sunset scenes that will be used in the film.  As is often the case, getting a good shot is in the lap of the weather gods!  Fortunately, we were treated to an amazing scene with a mixture of dark, ominous rain clouds, sun beams, and a deep red-orange sunset which looked like the sky was on fire!  Just what we were looking for!

Enjoy the screenshots!

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Shooting for ‘Songline’ is completed!

Despite the inclement weather, filming for ‘Songline’ was completed yesterday!  I say completed, in the sense that all my wonderful talent have done their job superbly – I couldn’t have asked for more – but there remain atmospheric landscape shots to be taken, to provide context to the film.  For that, I need to patiently wait for the weather to improve a little.  Sunset shots are somewhat difficult with 100% cloud cover.  And rain.  I also need to catch up on some sleep! Why did no-one tell me that this is hard work?!  Enjoyable, uplifting, rewarding, but hard!  Anyway, here’s a few more screenshots from the last day of filming.  Again, enjoy!

Layla and the Hooded Stranger
Layla and the Hooded Stranger
Layla is mesmerised
Layla is mesmerised
Layla's mother, father, and little brother
Layla’s mother, father, and little brother

Shooting for ‘Songline’ nears completion.

Wow… five days of manic shooting and the end is near!  Writing a script which involved shooting at night certainly posed a challenge, and a steep learning curve.  But the results look amazing!  I’ve been really pleased with the performance of my two leading actors – Elena Bateman and Leo Rand.  The emotions portrayed by Elena have been powerful, genuine and utterly believable, and the sinister portrayal by Leo has been utterly captivating.  I am so grateful to both of them for their time and effort on this project.  I’m grateful too, for the assistance of Elena’s mum, who has accompanied her on set until late in the evening, in cold and challenging conditions, as well as for acting as the slate loader for many takes.  Also, for the unwavering support of my partner and production assistant, Shontelle, as well as my daughter, Nadia, both of whom have helped with the logistics of the shoot, lighting, and casting.  Finally, none of it could have been possible without the help of my sound recordist, Scott Miller, who has travelled many miles every day to assist in the making of this film.  Now, we have just one day left to shoot, and filming will be complete.  Watch this space for updates on post production, as well as the trailer for the film, which we hope to put out as soon as possible.  For now, enjoy looking at a few screenshots from the filming so far!

Amazing, atmospheric location
Amazing, atmospheric location
Elena Bateman as Layla
Elena Bateman as Layla
Leo Rand as The Hooded Stranger in the cave
Leo Rand as The Hooded Stranger in the cave
Layla in the cave
Layla in the cave

Only a week now…

I have really had so little time to update this blog with all the pre-production taking place for the shoot that is due to commence in just one week!  It always seems that there is never enough time.  We have permissions in place for some of our locations (and no replies for others, despite requesting two week’s ago).  We have licences in place for our younger talent, and the insurances that we need to shoot films for the next year.  And we have bought a whole lot of kit, ranging from lights (Datavision DVS LEDGO 600BCLK LEDGO 600BCLK Bi Colour Lighting Kit), Field Monitor (Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P – 7″ HDMI field monitor) and tripod mounting arms (Kamerar 7/11 inch Tough Friction Magic Arm Kit).

It took a long time (too long, no doubt) to reach a decision on which makes to buy, with such a plethora of manufacturers out their, but having read countless reviews, I feel that we have made the right decisions for the budget range we were looking at.  Half the time was spent finding the best suppliers too, in terms of delivery, stock etc.  When I get the chance, I’ll try and upload some pics of those gadgets, plus a review.

Now, to continue finding our final couple of locations…

23 days and counting…

Only 23 days now until we start filming our short film “Songline”.  We have selected a great cast, and we are all excited about working together in creating an amazing film.  The two lead characters of the film will be played by Elena Bateman (Layla) and Leo Rand (The Hooded Stranger), while Layla’s family will be played by Joanne Mouland (Mother), Stephen Humphrey (Father) and Ashley MacLauchlin (Brother).  All can be seen below…

Elena Bateman as "Layla"
Elena Bateman as “Layla”
Leo Rand as "The Hooded Stranger"
Leo Rand as “The Hooded Stranger”
Joanne Mouland as "Layla's Mother"
Joanne Mouland as “Layla’s Mother”
Stephen Humphrey as "Layla's Father"
Stephen Humphrey as “Layla’s Father”
Ashley MacLauchlin as "Layla's Brother"
Ashley MacLauchlin as “Layla’s Brother”

Pre-production is in full swing, and we have been scouting for locations for the shoot for several days now.  We have found some great potential locations in the New Forest and in Portland.  Now, all we need to do is get permission to film. A few sample photos of the locations are shown below…

High Angle Battery at Portland, Dorset, UK
High Angle Battery at Portland, Dorset, UK
High Angle Battery, looking out
Underground bunker
Underground bunker at Portland – eerie shot!