Only a week now…

I have really had so little time to update this blog with all the pre-production taking place for the shoot that is due to commence in just one week!  It always seems that there is never enough time.  We have permissions in place for some of our locations (and no replies for others, despite requesting two week’s ago).  We have licences in place for our younger talent, and the insurances that we need to shoot films for the next year.  And we have bought a whole lot of kit, ranging from lights (Datavision DVS LEDGO 600BCLK LEDGO 600BCLK Bi Colour Lighting Kit), Field Monitor (Lilliput 5D-ii/O/P – 7″ HDMI field monitor) and tripod mounting arms (Kamerar 7/11 inch Tough Friction Magic Arm Kit).

It took a long time (too long, no doubt) to reach a decision on which makes to buy, with such a plethora of manufacturers out their, but having read countless reviews, I feel that we have made the right decisions for the budget range we were looking at.  Half the time was spent finding the best suppliers too, in terms of delivery, stock etc.  When I get the chance, I’ll try and upload some pics of those gadgets, plus a review.

Now, to continue finding our final couple of locations…

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