Dice Roll Films enters 48 hour film challenge!

That’s it! We’ve entered! Frenetic madness, significant hair pulling, and sleepless nights await!  Dice Roll Films has once again entered the Southampton Film Challenge run by Exposure Filmmakers, with the 2015 event taking place over the weekend starting Friday 23rd October, as part of Southampton Film Week.  From our earlier post you may have noticed that we are also sponsoring one of the awards for this event – the Cinematography Award.

Things have been pretty quiet on our blog, as we have been very busy, continuing with the edit of our short film “Songline“, as well as other assignments and activities.  This is taking a little longer than we had hoped for, but the extra time and effort will definitely be worthwhile.  Whoever said that post-production was 75% of the time to make a film was lying!  It is more like 85%!  Watch this space for more news on progress!

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