“The Attic” now online!

As promised a couple of days ago, our latest film “The Attic”, is now online.  This short film was completed as part of the Southampton 48 hour film challenge, although it ended up taking considerably longer than that to complete!  All principle filming was completed in one day.  The story opens with a man eating a meal of what appears to be a large piece of lamb. However, the man, and the house in which he lives, harbours a dark secret; a secret that leads ultimately to the disturbing climax to the film. But what exactly is the secret, and how is the resolution to the events in the film to be interpreted? Are things just what they seem?  You, as the viewer, can decide!

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Note that the embedded video will default to Standard Definition playback.  Just click on the HD button to view in all its glory!


Southampton’s 48 Hour Film Challenge 2015

Just seen the following announcement:

This year for Exposure Filmmakers Southampton’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, we are looking for sponsors for the following award categories… It costs £30 to sponsor the award which covers trophy, engraving and wine for the winning team. If you are interested then please get in touch. Your company will be advertised on the website, through social media and the event flyers. You are also given the option to present your chosen award to the winning person/s.

The Audience Award
Best Actor/Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Sound
Best Editor
Best SFX

Below is this years advert, please feel free to share. Those with eagle eyes will spot three very short (almost subliminal) excerpts from Dice Roll Films’ 2014 entry “Loop” at certain points during the video!  The first to send us the time code for each of the excerpts will receive… a round of applause, and their very own congratulatory mention on the website!!

Songline trailer released!!

Here, at long last, is the release of the official trailer for our forthcoming short film “Songline” (although it seems to get longer every time I look at editing it!)  It certainly seems that putting together a trailer is more difficult than editing the film itself.  There is no script to work from, the plot cannot be spoiled, but the audience has to be captivated and enticed all the same.  All in a trailer no longer than a minute and a half or so (this one is 1 minute 45 seconds long).  Not easy!

Anyway, we are pleased with the result, and we hope that every one who sees it will be enthralled enough to actually want to see the final film.  Now the trailer is completed, we are aiming to complete editing of the film itself within the next two months.  At least for this we have a script to work from!  Please note that the trailer is in HD, but the link below will default to standard definition (SD).  Just click on the HD tab to enjoy the trailer in all its glory!

“I-Psy” short film on YouTube

A while ago, I mentioned that I had been part of a student short film production at the Arts University of Bournemouth, and that editing was in progress.  Well, editing was completed by the team of film makers and the result can now be found on YouTube below:

As you will notice, I was the scriptwriter for this short film, as well as playing the good doctor.  It was great to work with a talented and keen group of film makers, and thanks go to Jemima “Mima B” Bartholemew, for uploading the result onto YouTube.  Please check out her other work, and enjoy the film!

48 hour film challenge now on-line!

Well, it’s been a week or more since an entry on this blog, but it has been busy here at Dice Roll Films.  As promised, the film produced as part of the Southampton Film Week 48 hour film challenge is now on-line.

The length of the film was limited to 4 minutes for the competition, but this Director’s Cut is marginally longer. The concept for the film was deliberately novel, in order to produce a non-linear film. There is only one actress, but two roles, whereby the actress converses with her opposite ‘other’ throughout the film. In the first half she plays the role of a scared, hesitant character; in the second half she plays the role of the arrogant, confident character. In a novel twist, in each half of the film, only the dialogue of the ‘active’ character can be heard – the responses of the other character can only be heard in the other half of the film, at a different time, but in the same location. The flow of time, and the order of events is deliberately confusing. The ending of the film is also the start, hence the name of the film – ‘LOOP’. The video is designed to be watched in ‘loop mode’, whereby the video starts again immediately, once it reaches the end.

It would have been great to have made this film with more time available, but that is the nature of 48 hour film challenges!  The positive feedback from the judges at the screening was wonderful to receive, and included comments such as “a great simple idea with just one actress.  Some good camera work and an almost seamless edit”, “the framing of the shots was really nice” and “the actress did a good job… it’s difficult to hold the audience when you are the only one on screen, but she does it well. The story was interesting and had me guessing throughout”.  All in all, a very pleasing result from our first film challenge event.

The film can be seen here:


First short film by Dice Roll Films

Here is our first short film to highlight our cinematography and editing skills.  While it does not have any dialogue, it is intended to be an atmospheric, thought producing piece of film.  Any thoughts on the video would be gratefully received!  This was produced on the JVC GY-HM100 ProHD camera before we acquired our Manfrotto fluid head tripod.  Consequently, all of the shots are static, with the film relying more on the atmosphere of the image in each scene.  One vital lesson learnt in the production of this film was the fact that editing (post-production) can take the majority of the time taken to produce a film.  Editing and cutting on the action can be a frame by frame process.  Enjoy!