Songline trailer released!!

Here, at long last, is the release of the official trailer for our forthcoming short film “Songline” (although it seems to get longer every time I look at editing it!)  It certainly seems that putting together a trailer is more difficult than editing the film itself.  There is no script to work from, the plot cannot be spoiled, but the audience has to be captivated and enticed all the same.  All in a trailer no longer than a minute and a half or so (this one is 1 minute 45 seconds long).  Not easy!

Anyway, we are pleased with the result, and we hope that every one who sees it will be enthralled enough to actually want to see the final film.  Now the trailer is completed, we are aiming to complete editing of the film itself within the next two months.  At least for this we have a script to work from!  Please note that the trailer is in HD, but the link below will default to standard definition (SD).  Just click on the HD tab to enjoy the trailer in all its glory!

One thought on “Songline trailer released!!

  1. Reblogged this on Elena Bateman's Blog and commented:
    Hey you lot! This is the trailer for that cheeky little indie film I shot at the beginning of the year. Julian (and his amazing assistant Shontelle) were perfectly professional, whilst still being the most kind, caring and welcoming people. Leo, my amazing counterpart, is so talented; it was an honour acting opposite him!
    As I’ve said before, this is my first professional onscreen performance, so be easy on the judgement! I’ve learnt so much, and I can’t wait to do more projects in the future.



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